Perfect for those winter weddings!

The wedding cape, also called wedding cloak, or bridal cape, is perfect for those winter weddings!

Wow! Just think of the sensation you will create at your wedding reception when you waltz in wearing this magnificent hooded cloak! You'll get to wear it again when you depart. Perfect for either horse and buggy or limousine.

Inspired by the Romantic movement in nineteenth-century Europe, the English were especially adept at capturing the essence of a simple cloak. The hooded winter wedding cloak is reminiscent of costume capes worn throughout the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Victorian age--a truly ageless classic!

Look for a cape that is a true bridal-quality garment, not costume quality, but the real thing. All seams should be finished and the cape should be fully lined. High quality faux fur should be soft and luxurious and the material should be a bridal-quality satin. You will know if you've found the real thing because it will be made to last and you will want to wear it again for other special occasions.

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By the way, your wedding photographer will love this wedding cape! Imagine the photo possibilities!

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Other Uses of The Wedding Cape:

Renaissance Cloak
The white wedding cloak can serve as the perfect period clothing piece for a Renaissance fair or Medieval costume.
Bellydance Costume
The wedding cape with faux fur, hood and muff can serve as the perfect accessory for a bellydance costume.
Opera or Symphony!
The hooded cloak is the perfect cover for those cold evenings at the Opera, Symphony, or any formal concert.
Any Formal Occasion.
A quality wedding garment can be worn again and again, to parties, for wintry holidays, and other special occasions.